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This innovative Barnett crossbow features a step-through riser that offers a longer power stroke while reducing the overall weight of the crossbow. Cables are the strings that go from each cam on the crossbow to the opposite limb and are sold in pairs. The only real bad part of this Barnett crossbow is the string that comes with it. We know hunting crossbows. It is one of the fastest shooting. Barnett crossbows are high-performance products.

The crossbow also has a camouflage Horton mult-a-range 4x32 multi line reticle crossbow scope SS047. Are Barnett crossbows bad? · All-new Predator is Barnett’s fastest, most powerful CarbonliteTM crossbow ever TARPON SPRINGS, FL () – Bernard Barnett started the modern crossbow revolution when he began making the very first contemporary models in his garage in the U. crossbow string & cable quick fit chart updated 12/ We make it easy to choose the perfect BlackHeart crossbow strings & cablesRaider CLS — just look up your crossbow. It is in fully operation condition. Overall, Barnett crossbows are known for being lighter, more accurate and more powerful compared to any other competitors in the market. 0 out of 5 stars. of kinetic energy.

As the original pioneer of the modern-day crossbow, we&39;ve worked tirelessly to create a product you can enjoy for years. I now have 2. If any part of this manual is unclear to you contact the Sales Department at. The Revolution has 150-pound draw weight. The minimum arrow weight for a JACKAL bow is 400 grains–this includes a 125-grain field point/broadhead. The Predator Crossbow is Barnett&39;s fastest and most powerful crossbow ever. If for any reason you should lend or sell your crossbow to another party, it is your responsibility to transfer this Owner’s Manual to the new user or owner. First Aid Kits; Fix It Sticks; Hats / Baseball caps.

result in damage to the crossbow VOIDING the warranty. If you want to see which Barnett crossbow is the best one for you, read my reviews because I have reviewed Barnett quad 400 crossbow, Barnett jackal crossbow, Barnett predator crossbow, and other pretty impressive models. After firing a few more than a dozen shots, you will notice that the string is fraying. 25-inch power stroke to generate blistering speeds up to 430 feet per second and a whopping 156 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Crossbows with an antivibration design minimize movement while you&39;re holding your crossbow, giving you greater precision when you&39;re eyeing that white-tailed deer ahead of you. For some strange reason whatsoever, Barnett crossbows tend to break strings quickly. ) DRY FIRING WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. Barnett was the first company to introduce innovative technology such as the first self-cocking crossbow.

Barnett Length Item Brotherhood 36” 10276 Buck Commander CRT, DOA, Predator AVI/CRT 38. Only three crossbows on the market can hold their candle against the Predator when it comes to speed: the Scorpyd Aculeus (460fps), TenPoint Nitro X (440fps) and Ravin R20 (430fps). Broke pin at end of Barnet Predator crossbow Just phone Barnett barnett predator crossbow owners manual at the number in the owners manual they will give you an RA number and have you send it to them or they will have you take it to an authorized dealer. This auction will include the Barnett Crossbows Revolution Crossbow Package with 4x32 Multi Reticle Scope, Bag, Assortment of Allen Wrenches, Owner&39;s Manual, String Lube, String Assist, Assortment of Broadhead Parts as shown in the pictures. Our line barnett predator crossbow owners manual of hunting crossbows is no different. The Predator is a powerful crossbow that fires arrows at 375 fps with 125 ft. Another popular soft case is the Carbon Express Deluxe Case which costs about . Barnett CrossWire Crossbow String Quad-Revolution 16163.

Integrates completely into the crossbow&39;s stock - low profile. 5In case you have any questions about the Barnett 4x32 mm Multi-Reticle Crossbow Scope, this review will answer anything that may have crossed your mind. This does not mean however that it cannot be used by a beginner. Start here to shop our complete collection of new hunting crossbows. The string comes in direct contact with the arrow/bolt and is sold as a single unit.

A middle level crossbow that goes toe-to-toe with some of the company’s flagship crossbows like the Barnett Predator. How long is a Barnett predator crossbow? com and click on “Crossbow Recall” for more information. Visit our barnett custom crossbow string page for more crossbow models. 5" 10138 Ghost 350 CRT, Zombie 3" 10136 Ghost 360 40. High speed, extra muscle, high draw weight, beautiful ergonomic design, a sidearm quiver, string dampeners, anti-dry trigger system and long range shooting precision are some of the great features you will enjoy from this. As such, mishandling or misuse may result in serious injury to yourself or others, damage to your crossbow or poor performance. Barnett Crossbows; Bolts Aluminum; Bolts Carbon; Broadheads; Cases and Sleeves; Cocking Device; Crossbow Packages; Quivers; Replacement Parts; Toy Crossbows; Wax and Lube; DRYGUY boot dryers.

Manufacturer model : 17450. Also comes with a padded camo sling has. 5 and cables with a length of 23. See full list on basspro. This soft case accommodates the Barnett Predator and its accessories comfortably. You can, however, contact Barnett for an immediate replacement. Barnett 22 inch (Pred) and 20 inch arrows (Ghost).

Great prices on Barnett, Excalibur, First String, Horton, SA Sports Outdoor Gear, Stone Mountain Strings, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, Wicked Ridge and more! This website or its third-party tools use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Hydration Systems; Katadyn. · Barnett Outdoors atfrom 9 a. It is very simple to use and all you need is a bit of practice. No quiver This bow is a serious crossbow weighs a little bit more but it makes up for it on the shot meaning less shock or dampens the shot better than an light or ultralight crossbow. Assembly: As with most Barnett crossbows, the Predator is pretty simple to assemble and can be put together in less than 10 minutes from unpacking.

BARNETT CROSSBOW REPLACEMENT CABLES. The first choice of most crossbow hunters is the Barnett Case (Model 17083) which is roughly about . The Barnett Droptine TM STR Crossbow delivers reliable performance with modern upgrades. Shop The Latest & Greatest In Crossbows With Barnett. Reduces the effort needed to cock your Barnett crossbow; Reduces cocking tension to just 17 lbs. A: The Revolution and Quad 400 are the most popular. Mammutt Hats and baseball caps! Quick look at a Barnett Predator crossbow.

Replacement Parts for sale at great prices. I would rate this Barnett Crossbows Revolution Crossbow Package with 4x32 Multi Reticle Scope a 7. Barnett is the original pioneer of modern crossbows, with a history dating back to 1962. Our products&39; strength and precision have led to successful hunts for decades.

This includes the bowstring with a length of 38. RARE VINTAGE BARNETT COMMANDO CROSSBOW 175-lb- SELF COCKING Up for sale is a cool vintage Barnett Commando crossbow. The Revolution is designed carefully to bring hunting to a new level of performance, comfort and efficiency. What is Barnett predator? I started trying the 22 inch arrows with the Ghost, expecting the loss of some speed, for more “knock down” at impact. ET or online at www.

We have all of your Crossbows & Accessories needs covered. Barnett 4x32 Multi-Reticle Crossbow Scope--Barnett 4x32 Multi-Reticle Crossbow Scope -Water-resistant, shock-proof scope comes with 0 Review(s). Thank you for purchasing this quality Barnett crossbow. You can choose for a crossbow string or the full set of crossbow string and cables in the menu.

(We recommend the use of Barnett arrows manufactured specifically for your Barnett crossbow. Q: Which Barnett crossbow is the most popular and why? Pick Up A Bow Case Or Arrows For You & A Junior Hunter. Crossbow case that fits the Barnett Predator. Warranty Information Full set of custom made crossbow string and cables for your Barnett predator crossbow. Don&39;t Miss The Sale Section. Has a chip in the paint by the safety. I install a crossbow crank cocking device on my father in laws Barnett Recruit and wonder if it really is worth having on it.

Was just recently shot. Barnett is one of the most famous brands of crossbows and they have a huge variety of models in their offer. I barnett predator crossbow owners manual was originally using the stock arrows that came with each. What is Barnett predator 430? As a true innovator, we&39;re always re-inventing the wheel. With popular options, including Barnett crossbows, Carbon Express crossbows and Wicked Ridge crossbows, you can choose the ideal crossbow for you. Find a large selection of Crossbows in the Hunting department at low Fleet Farm prices.

All Barnett crossbows have a life time warranty. It is a crossbow made precisely for the big boys. It is in used condition with light rust and needs a good polishing on the metal. a Barnett Predator (375fps) and a Ghostfps). The best way to describe the Barnett Predator 430 is that it is a ‘crossbow on steroids’. By far the most popular Barnett crossbow is called The Predator.

Designed to work with Barnett&39;s Ghost Series, Buck Commander Series, Vengeance Series, Quad Series, Wildcat Series, Panzer V, and Penetrator crossbows. Each package delivered by includes the following items: The Barnett Predator Crossbow; 4 x 32mm crossbow scope; Quick-detach quiver; 3 20” arrows with field tips; Assembling The Crossbow. Crossbows & Accessories. UTG Crossbow Scope: Full set of custom made crossbow string and cables for your Barnett predator crossbow. New Listing Barnett Predator 430 FPS Black Crossbow with 1. Featuring a full carbon step-through riser, one-off ventilated composite stock and a machined aluminum flight track, the lightweight Predator combines a 187-pound draw weight with a deep, 16. Barnett 20” carbon arrows are correctly “spined”.

Accuracy: The Predator has an unbelievable accuracy that is flawless even as far away as 50 yards from the target. 5-5x32mm Scope BAR78002. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you are accepting the use of cookies. Barnett Universal Crossbow Owner&39;s Manual. Shop online with us here. I’m fairly new to hunting with crossbows. Get your crossbow directly from Barnett. Putting the Barnett Predator together was pretty much.

After assembly of your crossbow, please keep manual for future reference. I repair bows in Northwest Indiana. barnett predator crossbow owners manual your crossbow or poor performance from your crossbow could result from failure to thoroughly read and understand these instructions. The Barnett Predator is the ultimate crossbow that takes hunting to another level.

Barnett predator crossbow owners manual

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